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Case Studies

Examples of KWJames Software meeting clients' goals and solving their problems creatively

Major telecom needed a 3D visualization of network infrastructure for their 5G upgrade
Work-in-progress software was progressing slowly, and didn't meet requirements.
Simplified the technical approach to get the project back on track.
Client was happy with the results, and started planning the next phase of the project. Software loaded fast and ran smoothly on target hardware.
Commercial architecture startup needed to visualize buildings in 3D
Buildings needed to be customized, placed on a map, and rendered appealingly in 3D, all in the browser.
Solved client's immediate problems, then helped the team create a more efficient and flexible product and 3D workflow.
Achieved startup's vision of an automated custom architecture product.
Large financial firm needed powerful data visualizations for an analytics platform
Complex charts had distinct appearances and required the same feature to be added to each chart.
Designed and implemented new version of the platform's data visualizations. Wrote clear technical documentation so the development team's momentum would continue.
New charts and graphs are used across the product, and the streamlined architecture means new features can be built and deployed easily.
Utility company wanted to let their users see ongoing projects on a map
There were many unknowns around requirements and data to clear up before implementation could begin.
Interviewed stakeholders to come up with a plan, gather needed data, and finalize requirements.
The interactive map is being used to communicate with users about a $1 billion modernization project.
Environmental startup wanted to show off their technology to clients
The client had detailed technical data, and wanted to tell a compelling marketing story with it.
Prototyped animated visualizations, and iterated on client feedback.
The client loved the prototypes, and said "Kevin is an artist engineer!"
Large financial firm wanted a prototype of an innovative trading platform
Client needed to prove their idea on a short schedule.
In one month, learned the client's goals, built out a professional user interface, and responded to evolving requirements.
Met project deadline, and client was able to validate their concept and move forward.


Highlights of my publicly-available projects


A textile design tool for weavers

Tools WebGL / Three.js / React / React-three-fiber

Links FiberLoom

City Perspective

A tool for exploring open city data

Tools Figma / Mapbox GL / D3 / React

Links City Perspective

Formula One Lap Times

An interactive visualization of Formula One lap times over the years

Tools Figma / three.js / D3 / React

Links F1 Lap Times

Migration Interactive

An interactive story about modelling migration away from a crisis

Tools Figma / three.js / D3 / React

Links Migration Interactive

Iceland Vegetation

An interactive visualization of Iceland’s vegetation over time using GPU compute for a smooth, real-time experience

Tools WebGL / D3 / React

Links Iceland Vegetation Source code

Globe Viewer

A visualization of Earth’s terrain, sunlight, and lights at night

Tools Vue / WebGL

Links Globe Viewer Source code